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Wiki student contract

Page history last edited by Lisa Nocita 11 years, 9 months ago


Wiki Contract


When using new technologies, we enjoy exciting ways to work and communicate.  Nevertheless, we must also be extremely careful in maintaining a caring community that supports the educational, social and emotional growth of all its members.  To this end, I agree to the following:


• I am responsible for everything posted on my account • I will only write about things related to my group’s project • I will not post inappropriate or irrelevant links to other sites • I won’t post harmful, dangerous, or illegal material • I will not use any inappropriate language • I will not insult others’ ideas • I will only offer constructive criticism • I will only post for educational purposes • I will not blame people • If I don’t like an idea, I will give an alternative suggestion • I will be respectful of others’ work and opinions • My contributions will be informative and interesting


• I will not post personal information • I will only use first names • I will not mention meeting places • I will not advertise • I will not spam


• I will not plagiarize • All images and contents will follow the copyright guidelines • I will cite my sources • I will make sure that what I write is fair and accurate • I will use appropriate language • I will use proper English, not IM or use text lingo


I recognize that breaking any of these rules could lead to any of the following consequences depending on severity and repetition: warning, deletion of post, temporary loss of blogging privileges, permanent loss of blogging privileges, and loss of computer privileges

I further recognize that the wiki is considered a virtual extension of our classroom, and therefore all of Ms. Courtney’s, Mrs. Nelson's, Mrs. Nocita’s the school’s, and the district’s Rules and Regulations apply. I am aware that violation of any of these rules may be referred to the School Administration.


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