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Hour 3 Censorship

Page history last edited by Daniel LaMunyon 11 years, 11 months ago

Why Ban To Kill a Mockingbird?


             There are a few reasons to ban To Kill a Mockinbird. Those reasons will make you realize that you picked the wrong book to read to children.  I also think that all books should be rated for kids to read. Books like To Kill a Mockingbird, are books that should be rated to high school level, not middle school. 


  • Reason number(1): The language that is in the book makes a bad influence on kids like us, cussing at your elders is no the right way to teach your child to be an young lady or gentleman. 


  • Reason number(2): The way english is spoken is not the right way to speak. "y'all hear now," is not the right kind of english that is spoken around these days. These days people use "whuddup dawg," or "sup' homie." Southern slang will not be in this kind of era. 


  • Reason number (3): Some of the book I think is unreal, for one is that there is a person that eats cats RAW, isn't that disgusting? Who would want to eat something that is alive, kill it, and then eat it?  Also there is violence in the book too. Boo Radely, the person who eats cats raw, was cutting out a piece of paper with scissors, then when his dad walked in Boo stabbed his dad with the scissors. Why would somebody do that sort of thing? Stabbing people for no reason is not how you act like a gentleman, that's another reason why this book should be banned. 


  • Reason number(4): Another reason that this book should be banned. People with shotguns all over the place! In one part of the story, Boo tries to shoot Jem at night with a shotgun because he thought it was a negroe. I think that Boo should have probably at least warned him to get out of his backyard, not try to shoot anyone who was in his yard. There is another part in the story that Atticus, Jem and Scout's father, shoots a dog because the sheriff, Sheriff Tate thought it was a rabid dog, so he told Atticus to shoot it. Violence with guns isn't the way of the life. -Gabe Mojica 
  • Reason number(5): There is one more reason that this book should be banned. In the 16 or 17 chapter, people in the small town start to gang up on Atticus because he was defending an African American in court. I don't like people fighting because it doesn't solve anything. Also it's not a great example if people read aloud to younger kids ("I'm pretty sure that won't happen) they will start to suck that up like a sponge and use that method to solve their problems.  





-There are many different points of view on the topic of to ban or not to ban "To Kill a Mockingbird". My personal view is that it shouldn't be banned. These reasons are that people need to come to their senses and realize that these things actually happened in the 30's. Even though slavery was banned, people still treated African Americans like dirt and were extremely racist. People didn't realize this and thought that the book should be banned even though that  this language was normal back then. They also thought that this book went to the extreme to the points of racial slurs and the events that took place. Many of these reasons are why this book was banned.-Daniel LaMunyon 












Comments (3)

Daniel LaMunyon said

at 10:04 am on May 11, 2009

this is awesome

Daniel LaMunyon said

at 9:36 am on May 15, 2009


snelson@bluevalleyk12.org said

at 7:40 am on May 16, 2009

I am glad to see you got it. You wrote about why it was banned and then explained why it is important to read. Some editing would be important before you present but your message is good and I believe your classmates will get your message. I believe it is important to know that even today these things can happen in remote communities; they are less common than the 30's but they can happen. The language is representative of how the people really spoke and that makes it believable. That we are disgusted with how things were means we have learned from the past and that is a valuable history lesson. Good work! Mrs. Nel

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